Digital Strategies & Transformation

Digital Strategy and Transformation

Today's digital devices provide unprecedented access to information, products and services  across a variety of digital channels. Businesses must create a seamless brand experience, projecting their brand clearly across the  many touch points, channels and devices their customers use. It is critical to identify and implement sophisticated digital apps, providing digital experience to customers, suppliers, employees and decision makers. These digital transformations, however, will not be successful or will only meet partial goals, if the apps are not funneled with complete, accurate and reliable data in real-time and as needed. It also needs to ensure consistent experience across all the digital channels. Alignment with enterprise data strategy addresses both the real-time data provisioning and the consistent experience across all digital channels by maintaining consistency and standards across the applications and systems.
A successful digital platform requires that data is enabled with sophisticated technologies that are highly scalable to support variety of digital platforms. A smart digital platform also requires that the data is funneled through the digital platforms and is not  just complete, consistent and accurate, but intelligent enough to help the digital  platform provide the right services to right people.  
Our digital strategy and transformation services span across capability areas and customer engagement channels drive their digital transformation agenda. We can help you:
  • Develop and deliver your organization’s digital agenda — working with business executives to frame your organization's digital transformation center of excellence (CoE) that clearly articulates the enterprise digital priorities.
  • Create focused digital strategies – by developing your architecture for strategy development. Our strategic advisors facilitate workshops with your executive leaders through tailored processes for framing critical decisions and digital capabilities, with the use of insights and analytics build your digital strategy CoE.
  •  Ensure that your digital strategies are aligned with your corporate strategies to increase the return on your digital transformation investments.
Why does a CoE matter in a digital transformation strategy? A intelligent-focused CoE understands your complete business value chain, customer expectations, and technology of your organization, and serves as an strategic system to effectively execute on innovative technologies, market intelligence, and predictive decision-making, whicah are a few drivers for digital transformation.
Partnering with I3Mation helps your organization with:
  • Connecting and analyzing business data for new insights to drive overall business growth, digital models, and competitive advantage through new digital channels;
  • Development of products and services with digitally enabled features to transform and improve the customer experience and increase product or service value;
  • Designing an innovative CoE that builds an information hub between lines-of-businesses, customers and partners, while eliminating virtual teams working on organizational boundaries that impacts energy, motivation, and effectiveness of a CoE;
  • Ensuring your teams work on one mission, one vision, one strategy and one goal; and more.


Unprecedented Business Value

Digitalization of Business Operations.
We use technology to transform your business operations which reduces, and in many cases, eliminate processes that do not require human judgment or strategic thinking. By digitalizing business operations, you are able to free up critical resources from menial tasks and allowing them to focus on  more strategic tasks. I3Mation incorporates intelligent automation solutions that make your processes less time consuming while reducing costs and risks and increasing productivity. Greater Resource Management
Our digital transformation CoE allows you to capture large amounts of information and transform them into deeper insights. Additionally, our Big Data analytics provides you with real-time information and greater visibility and insights into key business processes, especially the performance of your critical information assets. This yields the ability for your executives to make intelligent and predictive decisions based on data.  
As the ingestion and analysis of data becomes more essential due to regulatory and corporate requirements, the level of detail that companies are able to capture and generate will be just as essential. Our solutions can help your executives make even deeper and more informed decisions that were not previously possible. We Help Your Company Evolve Into A Customer-Centric Organization   I3Mation's digital transformation strategies coupled with its insights and analytics solutions, helps your organization achieve greater customer insights. We use intelligent solutions to gain insights into your assets and enable them to also gain increased insights on your customers. Furthermore better insights equates to better customer experiences. Partnering with I3Mation can also revolutionize your company's business model by:
  • Creating digital products and services;
  • Increasing your business' global footprint with faster communication and improved business processes; and
  • Opening up new sales channels, find new markets and opportunities, increase revenues, and improve operational efficiency.