Intelligent Automation (AI+)


Intelligent Automation Plus AI

A+I™ I3Mation’s Intelligent automation (A+I)™ solutions combines artificial intelligence and automation that helps you transcend conventional performance tradeoffs to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. Additionally, we design intelligent automation systems to sense and synthesize vast amounts of information that can automate your business processes or workflows, learning and adapting as they go. Our strategy consists of applications ranging from the routine to the revolutionary. Coupled with our NSights tool, we collect, analyze, and assist executives in making critical business decisions, transcend traditional performance tradeoffs, and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. Our Intelligent Automation (A+I)™ solutions help you:
  • Advance in machine learning techniques, improvements in sensors, and providing you with greater computing power;
  • Address societal and business challenges–reducing operational cost (regulatory compliance, cybersecurity management, enterprise risk management, etc.) by automating ingestion and collection of data, performing routine tasks, data gathering and analysis, and compliance validation;
  • Seek efficiency, growth, and differentiation. In an economy where growth has slowed, and competition can be fierce, we apply intelligent automation to attain greater efficiency, as well as differentiate products and services with new features and experiences, and enter new markets to grow;
  • Automate decision-making. Aggregating, extracting, and analyzing information—automated analysis and decision process that can be embedded in a workflow inclusive of humans reviewing and approving machine decisions.