Intelligent GRC (iGRC)

I3Mation's Intelligent GRC (iGRC) - The Future of the eGRC Ecosystem

Governance, risk & compliance (GRC) refers to a strategy for managing an organization's overall governance, enterprise risk management, cybersecurity, and compliance processes.  A  well-planned GRC strategy comes with many benefits: improved decision-making, more optimal IT investments, elimination of silos, secure and ethical computing environment, and reduced fragmentation among divisions and departments, to name a few.  While some organizations have realized these benefits, there are a significant percentage of organizations who have failed to see those benefits from their GRC ecosystem.
Since the arrival of  GDPR and other data protection regulations, FinTech (financial technology) back in 2015, and now, RegTech (regulatory technologies),  organizations in all industries are expecting their GRC solutions to possess increased automation with predictive insights and intelligence to be effective.
I3Mation’s executive team members were part of the original thought leaders and evangelists of GRC and had provided an incredible amount of education and awareness to global organizations.

The Current State Of eGRC

Current Challenges

  • Manual and requires multiple systems for comprehensive processing;
  • Many GRC solutions often leave out cybersecurity workflows and operational processes;
  • Requires manual configuration of workflows;
  • Lacking insights and analytics;
  • Data must be 'entered' or 'fed' into system(s);
  • Lacks continuous controls to risks mapping and synchronization;
  • Requires multiple interfaces for automation; and Often seen as a tool vs. a framework.
  • Difficult to manage transaction changes

The Future State Of eGRC

Intelligent Automation

We provide strategic advisory services on comprehensive eGRC ecosystems to include risk and compliance management, automated cybersecurity processes, and policy development.  Moreover we've spent decades of designing and implementing eGRC ecosystems utilizing virtually every eGRC tool in the market. As a result, we have proprietary models to integrate robotic process automation and  artificial intelligence models with existing GRC systems in efforts to build a comprehensive and intellimated™ (iGRC) platform.  The models address integrated risk management, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, and and governance.

The Benefits Are Impressive: Our iGRC Solution:

  • Enables faster growth with calculated risks taking and real-time tracking
  • Facilitate comprehensive visualization and insights into regulatory compliance requirements, enterprise risks, and cybersecurity controls; facilitating predictive analysis and decision-making;
  • Automates reporting and management of multiple business segments in a common framework;
  • Brings change and adoption management into focus;
  • Improve internal and external audit outcome; and more!

The Transition To Transformation

Our High-Level Strategy

Intelligent automation and robotics disrupts today’s eGRC solutions.  Intelligent automation does more than make eGRC workflows and processes easier to manage; it enhances the traditional eGRC solution in complex and creative problem-solving by enabling analysis of vast amounts of data through insights. Our iGRC solution is about the primacy of people, secure technology, cultural change, and process automation. Many eGRC solutions are struggling to make the digital culture shift. I3Mation’s iGRC strategy can help your company enhance and maximize its eGRC investment by using intelligent automation and robotics to produce an iGRC ecosystem. To transition to transformation, we help your organization:

  • Adopt Intelligent Automation
  • Become data-driven. We help you embed intelligent automation into the fabric of your eGRC ecosystem so you can make data-based decisions;
  • Be digitally risk-aware. We advise your organization on how to factor in new business risks they were never exposed, i.e., regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, consumer privacy, data transparency and responsible use of technology—which is growing in volume and complexity.
  • Embrace disruption. Intelligent automation will allow your business to be a disrupter its industry with advanced processes, data accuracy, and decision speed; in addition to becoming a secure, compliant, and ethical organization.