Cost and Quality Transparency

Today's business needs answers instantaneously . CIO's are tasked with the onus of cutting expenses ,improving productivity , generating new stre ams of revenue while the  money line is constantly being choked. Gone are the days of doing statistical forecasting, CIO' s need ability to answer to CFO's in near time and provide dollar to dollar  value. we strongly believe in the concept of Technology Business Management (TBMF) and are certified in it and apply the framework to an enterprise .  CIO's need a single pane of glass for their spend analysis ( on-prem,cloud or hybrid).   Ability to  change the cost dynamics as the  enterprise wades through macro economic challenges and also  provide near to real time forecasting  and provide complete transparency of their application costs to Business. our goal is to let IT speak for itself and use the value chain concept to enable  Business value   and  provide complete cost transparency  and not be an enabler but a partner in hand to Business.