Insights and Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Most organizations lack the strategic skills, processes, and technology needed to gather, analyze, and produce actionable insights. As a result, they are challenged when the business requires transforming analytic insights into statistical reports, decisions, and valued products and services. I3Mation addresses these and other business challenges by combining comprehensive insights and analytics expertise, intelligent automation (A+I™), and strategic development of an Insights and Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE).  I3Mation has intelligent and automated processes to review your big data by translating insights from advanced analytics into action across your business segments. I3Mation has a track record of identifying and applying best practices to create insights-driven organizations across a range of industries, including financial services, banking, healthcare, technology, education, transportation, and telecom. Through our strategic advisory model, we help you develop practical ecosystem that maximizes the value of your data.

We do this by:

  • Analytics strategy development: Analytics business case roadmap creation, analytics center of excellence deployment;
  • Marketing: Customer segmentation, data mining, customer value analytics, promotion results analysis, online advertising cost effectiveness;
  • Sales: Sales force alignment, prospect targeting and qualification, cross- and up-sell targeting;
  • Customer relations: Customer churn reduction, customer loyalty identification;
  • Customer service operations: Service resource improvement, service inquiry pattern analytics.

Approach and Methodology

  • Discover insights by analyzing multiple data sources. We classify and source relevant internal and external data, and structure and unstructured data.
  • Defining the data. Gaining successful insights means figuring out what you, as a client, want from your data—finding its value.
  • Design strategies based on the insights generated. We work with executive stakeholders to develop internal processes and incentives as well as models that use insights for decision making and transactional reporting. We build prediction and optimization models, for example, to focus on the biggest drivers of value. These models balance complexity with ease of use;
  • Building the framework. The goal here is to transform data needs into actionable insights. We have a multi-step process that starts out by sketching, filtering, sorting, grouping, and visualizing to bring your data to life; and
  • Deliver actionable insights and analytics-driven growth for the interim and longer terms.