Adversarial Artificial Intelligence Prevention

Intelligent and Secure Intelligent Automation Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) robotic process automation, (RPA), and machine learning (ML) are starting to become common themes and points of discussion for many C-Suite leaders in just about every industry. In fact, businesses across the globe are looking into automation and robotics in an effort to enhance the security of their sensitive data and critical systems.  More use cases and business process applications are being developed and can be expected over the long term, however less attention has historically been paid to the ways in which artificial intelligence can be used maliciously.

Adversarial AI and RPA

Adversarial AI and RPA is the malicious development and use of advanced digital technology and systems that have intellectual processes typically associated with human behavior. These include the ability to learn from past experiences, and to reason or discover meaning from complex data.  Malicious attackers are already harnessing automated reconnaissance, target exploitation and network penetration end-to-end. Some advanced technologies are enabling them to automate every element of their attack cycle, including currently very manual processes such as the ability to learn fraud controls and to industrialize cash-out and money laundering tactics.

I3Mation, the Leader in Providing Secure and Controlled Automation Solutions

Cyber risks are difficult to avert entirely, but not impossible to mitigate, and there are multiple points of control at which interventions can increase security. Overall, we believe that AI and cybersecurity will rapidly evolve in tandem in the coming years, and that a proactive effort is needed to stay ahead of motivated attackers. As such, I3Mation has developed automated solutions to combat these sophisticated and human-less attacks that utilize the same algorithms we deploy for quantitative and qualitative benefits. Our Adversarial AI and RPA solutions below will ensure your organization's Automation Center of Excellence Strategies remain secure and ethical:
  • Automated updates to your algorithms, models, and platform code
  • Insights and analysis of attack vectors and threat landscapes
  • Continuous monitoring of your security controls and countermeasures
  • Automated assessments and audits of your controls and processes