What Do We Do?

Unlike most artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning, or data science companies, we address actual business use cases to apply our Automated Neural Network solutions. By utilizing our cognitive algorithms to enterprise business processes, we can solve business issues and demonstrate immediate business value to our clients. So, its pretty simple; we make organizations more efficient while reducing the cost associated with repeatable and manual business functions. We can also customize solutions, based on an assessment of your needs and transform your company into an intelligent organization with complete insight into business operations. After all, as a senior executive, you deserve accurate information to make critical business decisions.

We offer the following products and services:

Software Products

  • I3Mation AI+
  • Cognitive and Visual Robotic Process Automation
  • I3Mation Nsights (data analytics and business insights)
  • I3Mation Intelligent Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management (iGRC)
    • I3Mation Automated Cognitive Compliance Platform (ACCP) (regulatory compliance automation)
      • I3Mation Virtual Compliance Officer (RegTech & FinTech) for All Industries
        • I3Mation Regulatory Compliance As A Service (RCAAS) for Cannabis Businesses
        • I3Mation Regulatory Compliance As A Service (RCAAS) for Non-Profits
    • GRC Automated Workflow Utility (Workflow automation integration for existing GRC platforms)
  • I3Mation Intelligent Security (iSecurity) (Workflow automation integration for existing security products/tools)
    • V-CISO (Virtual Chief Security Officer)(Bot As A Service - BAAS)
    • V-SSA (Virtual Security Solutions Architect – Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive RPA) (BAAS)
  • I3Mation Digital Workforce (Customized business process automation)

Advisory Services

  • Digital Transformation and Workforce Automation Strategy
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection
    • Virtual CISO and Architect Services
  • Governance Risk and Compliance Strategy
  • Custom Automation Application Development and Integration